Top 4, And A Unique Number 1 Only I Will Have (most Likely)

Number 4 - just below my right knee is a scar I got when I fell off of a fence, and got slashed by a nail, it happened about 15 years ago, and is almost gone, it will be weird not to have that scar anymore number 3 - an x on the top of my left chest, wanted to see if cutting places other than my arms did anything for me, it didn't, which leads to... Number 2 - up and down both arms, too many to count Number 1 - well it's actually more of a hole than an actual scar, but I have my eye acidentally cut open in the 5th grade, my lense was shattered and they had to do emergency surgery, now I have a black dot on the top of my eye, a hole that will limit my chance for glacoma (sp?)
thebigjared thebigjared
26-30, M
Jan 2, 2010