Plenty And Counting

i have a scar on my wrist from last year during school. it was not deep and it did not bleed much at all so i did not expect it to scar. i have more now. from this year. i have scars on my legs too. shallow ones from when i felt unsettled (for a reason i still don't know) and used my nails to scratch away enough skin to get a scab later and then the scars. i have three small scars on my right arm( i dug into my skin with my nails during school), two on my left upper forearm more resent and bigger( i used a broken pencil). i only cover my cuts to hide them from my family. i don't care what the kids at school think. i think they are intimidated by me. only a few of them talk to me. one being a good friend, but she can not really understand. i am not ashamed of my cuts and scars. now i have fresh cuts from kind of dull scissors and one from a kitchen knife. i hide these from my family cause i don't want to go to counseling( i was found out before).

i have about 33 or 34 now. on my hips, too.

47 or 48 now. 14 of them on my wrist which i hide under a cool looking wrist-brace thing.

i have lost count.

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thanks. i know my life is precious to Him, even though it hard to believe. i am not suicidal, but i do look forward to death, when He will call me Home to be with Him forever. i was not touched, but yes i do have issues. thanks for the sujestion, but its not like that. i dont need a hotline.