I Have Many...

But there are two main ones from childhood that will always be with me.  One is a scar from the chicken pox, I got it when I was in grade 1, its about 1cm by 1cm raised just a bit and on my stomach.  The other is from surgery when I was 12.  This surgery was to rebuild my eardrum, which collapsed when I got a bad case of swimmers ear that summer. The doctor had to take some cartilage from above my ear to do it, and from that just above my left ear is a small scar probably 1 inch long by maybe half a cm wide.  There are many others from good nights and bad nights of drinking and crazy adventures and parties that I would like to forget, but because of the scars they will be with me forever.

Loveli Loveli
22-25, F
Feb 11, 2010