I Have Way To Many

Physical scars, I have lost count, my biggest is from barbed wire, (well its a couple  of them) I've got one on my forearm no stitches, butterflied, one on my back, also butterflied, one on my right thigh 2758 stitches, one on my left thigh 386 stitches, a horse bite on my arm from feeding, a scar on my calf from a bike wound required 28 stitches, one on my forehead from getting kicked in the head by a horse. A scar on my nose from a medical mess up when they intubated me, chicken pox scars, and what ever else I missed. Emotional scars, I wont even start, Ill just say if anyone needs any emotional baggage, Ill give you some :)

vampyres32 vampyres32
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2 Responses Feb 11, 2010

thanks :)

Wow...I thought I was the only one who had scars, both inside and out...But I must say, you should be very proud of yourself, for having the strength to come out, and tell your story, to all the millions of people online...not many people can do that...And the fact is...that a lot of people in the world have scars...or at least, the ones who decided they don't want to play it safe, and grab life by the horns...Sure it can be a devil at times...but..as long as we keep faith...It can't bring us down....No Offense...But you look really BEAUTIFUL to me...