Mostly Self Inflicted

Lets start with the oldest shall we? The oldest goes across the right side of my stomach. It starts at my belly button and was from surgery when I was little. I was one pound eleven ounces when I was little and its a mirical I'm alive. I have a white scar on one of my fingers. Its from running. My guinee pig died and I just wanted to run and never stop. I was crying and runing....I tripped out in the middle of the street. The penclie I was holding caught most of the impact. I turned up to school a bleeding crying mess.

My other scars are self inflicted. They cover my arms stomach, and lower legs. A grand majority of them are on my left arm as I'm right handed. They should have killed me too. I dont know why I survived it. Theres a indent from one of the times I tried to kill myself on my right wrist. My scars are almost layered on my arms. Some of them are white like paper. Others are raised and pink. Some are just indents in my skin. Every cut I make is a reminder of my ptsd experiance. I wont get into that with you all. Im not ashamed of them. Im not proud of them. There just there. My battle scars. The ones I have to look at every day......

flybat3 flybat3
18-21, F
Feb 11, 2010