My Most Memorable Scar

I have alot of scars, since I am a dude its not a surprise.  But there is one certain scar that bears alot of weight to it.  Its on my left chest area in the middle of my ribs.  It was on August 6, 2007 I was walking out of the bank on my way to work.  I started to feel a sharp pain in my shoulder and just kinda shrugged it off.  On my way to work I started to feel pain down my arm, in my chest and down my back.  As I arrived my entire back, nexk, chest and left arm was in excrutiating pain.  I was hunched over and could only walk in baby steps and my breathes were very short.  Since I come from a long line of stubborn family I tried to tough it out and then go home and rest after work.  My boss described my face as looking flushed and awful.  She sent me home and I decided to go to the hospital.  The though I was having a heart attack( so did I even though I was 22 at the time).  Turns out I was having a spontaneous pneumothorax which is a lung collapse that occurs without warning.  The good ER doctor sent me home saying I would be fine.  The next morning I started puking my guts out so I went back the hospital.  X-Rays showed I was bleeding to death and they thought I had a ruptured esophagus so I needed to be prepped for emergency surgery.  Nah wrong again doctors, actually that wasn't the reason but they spent nine hours trying to figure it out. 

Finally they decided to put it in a chest tube.  They shoved that baby in there while I was awake, ouch.  The next week was spent in the hospital, draining over a liter of blood out of my chest cavity.  For months I had to sleep sitting upright and constantly had nightmares.  When I would wake up in the dark I would look for my nurse button and would start screaming for help because I couldnt find it.  Because of the shady insurance, for months I fought to get my medical bills paid, even considered refusing treatment so I would die and my life insurance would pay the balence.

But today Its been long taken care of and I feel great about how far I have come from that dark disaster. 

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2 Responses Feb 12, 2010

Still unknown the best explanation I have gotten is a that skinny young males have blebs that form on their lungs and they can rupture allowing air to pass into the chest cavity. Only in my case the bleb that ruptured caused internal bleeding and somehow it was able to slow enough and heal on its own. Unfortunately now i am twice as likely as before of it happening again.

So what was it exactly?