My Scar? A Sign Of

18 and straight out of basic, I returned home for leave before being deployed to Saudi Arabia (first Gulf War). As a kid, I remember my father being such a strong man. He was hard nosed farm boy and was always tough on my brother and me.

While home, he asked me to help replace an AC unit in one of his rental duplexes. "No problem.". We freed up the old unit, sat it down. I then "power cleaned" the unit over the hedgerow. My father said "Boy, I'll help you with that.". I gave him the side with the best grips and we started walking towards the work truck. It was hot. He started breathing really hard. "Pop, you got it?". He gave me a pissed off look. We took 2 more steps and he dropped his end.

The AC unit ripped a gash in my arm. As it fell, I flipped it to the right to get it away from us. My wrist was peeled back to the white meat. Tendons were showing, it was a mess. My father looked at me and said, "I'm sorry. It was just too heavy.". I said "Pop, it was an accident.". He said "Son, it was too heavy for me five years ago.".

For the first time in my life, I realized I was stronger than my father. I also realized that he wasn't well. I wrapped up my arm. "You're still the toughest man I've ever known." I said.

It's strange, but he treated me differently after that. We shared a moment. My scar reminds me of that moment.

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1 Response Feb 13, 2010

That's beautiful story. It's wonderful when scars represent something, especially if it is something significant that happened in your life. (Hopefully not too painful in the process). They help you to grow and see how much you've grown in hindsight.