I Got In A Fight With The Chicken Poxs And I Lost.

Most everyone has had chicken pox sometime in their life, but sadly most do not have to be remind of it everyday. I was two years old when I had them. Now, You know how itchy these creatures are, and you know how at two kids never listen. Well, I had a pox right in the middle of my forehead and it itched a lot. I would scratch and scratch and scratch until it would bleed. One day I got tired of it and just started picking at it until the whole pox was carved out of my skin. I did this as well to one that is in my head good thing you can't see that one too. I now have a huge white mark on my forehead. No one ever asks me about it until I've known them for about five years.

It's extremely embrassing, yet makes me who I am.

GibsonR23 GibsonR23
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 13, 2010

Scars are a part of who we are, we all have them, some bigger or smaller than others...and well some have a few while others have many...what I'm trying to say is your not alone...I frequently battle with Acne...which is just as bad, but I know that even though I may have Acne...it doesn't have me...that I'm not just a guy with Acne at times...that I'm more than just that...and that you...are more than just a girl with a scar or two...We all have embarrassing things we don't like about ourselves...Yet the thing that is most important is....How we let those things affect us through our daily lives...