Somewhat Of A Rare Scar

When I was a baby I had a condition called pyloric stenosis. Basically, its a condition in which a muscle connected to the stomach become enlarged. Because this muscle is enlarged, food cannot get to the stomach and the baby almost immediately vomits it out. Here's what makes my story abnormal: I'm a girl, and its WAY more uncommon for females than males to get. However, the funny thing is if you google "Pyloric stenosis scar" the first result you'll get is a girl with the scar! Haha. Mine is very similar except its more indented, but I'm straying away from my experience.

When I was a baby I began vomiting excessively every time I was fed. Exorcist style. Unfortunately every time my parents took me to the doctors they would laugh and call them new worried parents. They ran tests and couldn't find what was wrong. In the meantime I was losing weight fast. My parents didn't give up though.  Finally my mother got one of the nurses watch while she fed me. Sure enough, I projectile vomited across the room. After that my mother fed me again while the doctor x-rayed my stomach. They watched the formula go down, stop before it hit my stomach, and come back up. The doctor considered Pyloric Stenosis but almost trashed the idea. He told my parents about the statistics and blah blah, how unlikely it was blah blah. My parents didn't care and threatened to sue if I turned out to have it and he didn't test me for it. He tested me. It turns out I had a TEXTBOOK case of it! Down to the dot! I went through surgery and recovered over time. If I had been a boy, I would've been tested much sooner for it and my parents wouldn't have had to go through so much to convince the doctors there was something wrong with me. I'm so glad my parents didn't listen. If they hadn't been persistent I wouldn't be here today.

 The doctors got my parents permission to use my forms(test results, X-rays, etc) as learning material for others looking to go into the medical field. It was at the end of the lectures the teacher would tell the class that the results were from a female baby, surprise! The lesson? To rule out everything, examine every possibility and... impossibility. Don't rely on statistics. All doctors need to know this. 

If my case of PS saved at least one other's life, then everything me and my parents went through was all worth it. I love my scar :)     
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Weird000 - i've tried to swap notes but cannot send messages without buying tokens. Are you still willing and interested? if so pls message me.

Thanks for your ok to swapping notes. Sorry to take so long getting back. <br />
I'm interested in the small number of ex-PS'ers who have continuing effects from their surgery and are willing and able to write a bit about it. There's a list of issues, some whacky, some understandable: parents still traumatised by a doctor's management or the surgery itself, and this affecting their kid, PTSD, retained memories of the surgery, discomfort and pain from adhesions with exercise or pregnancy, or puking from touching or eating - these are the main ones. With a friend I'd like to set up a blog or website to air and share this kinda stuff! There's a fair bit on Facebook too. <br />
Glad to read you haven't noticed any of this - good on you! enjoy life! (but hey, not that I don't!)

If its so common, then doctors really need to open their eyes huh? I skimmed through your experience with the surgery and it was very fascinating and informative. It was also neat to see your scar. <br />
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I also saw your ps to pyloric stenosis. I personally haven't experienced any emotional trauma from my surgery because I was so young and I can't link any of my problems to it. It is unfortunate for those who do suffer though.<br />
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Sure we can swap notes if you want.

Weird000, it seems strange, but your story is so common. Go to Facebook and you'll find several Groups with countless stories of (1) baby girls with ps and (2) doctors being far too slow to accept a mother's word about her baby's illness. Guess our doctors also see many many more parents who are hyper anxious about their bub and want to avoid unnecessary expensive tests.<br />
Would value swapping notes about what I think may be a link between the two experiences you've written about - they have been for me. Mebbee have a look at some of my other EP experiences also.