Bubble Scar

Battle wounds from my childhood seemed to always find there way on to my empty canvas. One of the more memorable ones was inflicted around the age of 12 while 'blading' as we used to call it. I was attempting to grind down a five stair rail leading to one of the heavy gravel parking lots at the comunity center building near my house. I couldnt keep my balance as I slid down and took a fall that I'm sure looked similar to someone slipping on a bananna peal. The rocky gravel left me with a scar on my left elbow that resembeled an elderly womans wrinkeled pinki finger if it had been deflated like a baloon and stitched to my elbow.

BadgerTnoB BadgerTnoB
18-21, M
1 Response Feb 17, 2010

omfg. that sux! dude THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME AT THE SAME AGE...... im ashamed to show my elbow....please tell me you got rid of it!!! HOW>>>???