Scar On My Arm.

I have several severe scars on my left arm most of which where caused by accidents at work but my most memorable one was from my first wife she was abusive to me and our children particularly me and our youngest son she was also diagnosed as bipolar later. One night she  started out in a loving mood laying on me on the couch just watching television then she suddenly told me I had to get up and get her some thing. When I pointed out I couldn't because she was on top of me she started hitting and pinching me all over even trying to knee me between the legs as well just because I said something. In attempt to stop her I held her wrists in my hands  keeping her at bay telling her please calm down to which she would respond to with threats to hurt me worse if I didn't let her go and spitting in my face. When I didn't let go immediately she was raging so hard she twisted her self and bit me on my left side of my arm where just below where my arm and shoulder meet her teeth met in my arm . The only thing saving  my arm from loseing a chunk of meat was my oldest son 5 years old at the time waking up and seeing her attacking me came and bit her on her leg making her yelp releasing my arm with her mouth allowing me to get her away from me and him by getting herinto the bed room and holding the door closed til the police arrived.

Xeven Xeven
31-35, M
Feb 17, 2010