I Have A Scar And I'm Proud Of It

I'm a track runner. In track runners wear these things called "spikes" which are basically lightweight shoes that have little holes in the bottom to put little spikes for more grip and traction on the track.

Well in the "track community" being "spiked" is a term used if someone stepped on you with their spikes. Usually you'll have a little cut or something, but sometimes it's a lot different.

One time during a race I runner spiked my calve with three spikes. 3 (only 2 are actually visible) scars with one about 2.5 inches and another about 5 inches. I purposely picked the scab so there would be a scar. Now it looks like I got attacked by a bear or something....which is pretty cool.

Within the track community being spiked and having a scar is a good thing and you almost become apart of this "elite club" since most people don't get "spiked."

TheAsianSensation TheAsianSensation
18-21, M
Feb 17, 2010