I have scars on my arms, so I can never wear short sleeves.

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Hey AntoniaJohnson, please don't hurt yourself. I really regret hurting myself.

I have a number of scars on my left arm. The biggest was an accident when I was 8, the rest aren't as young and weren't accidents. I was a different person back then, and I've left all that behind me. I like my scars. They remind me of all I've been through, of how much I've grown and changed. They tell my stories. Really, if I were given the option to remove them I wouldn't. That being said, self harm is a waste of energy. Use your frustrations to attack whatever is getting you down, not yourself. If you use your impulse for self harm to better your situation then you'll begin to get rid of it. Acting appropriately yields results, hurting yourself doesn't do anyone any good. Don't be your own enemy.

ViennaRose200,<br />
I just started wearing short sleeves. I cut and burn myself, so I had to keep them hidden....<br />
But no one has asked about them except my therapist. No one noticed.<br />
So you should try to wear short sleeves, and ask someone you trust if they're that noticable. And try some scar removal cream. I use ScarZone. It works well enough.<br />

I have 1 scar on my arm , I lied about how it got there , so I am able to wear short sleeves , but they way my life is going atm , I might not be able to wear them for any longer x