Scar On My Wrist

I have a scar on my wrist from Surgery almost 3 years ago to put a plate and screws in it.. I do nothing to try and hide it  but it is on the bottom part of my wrist so most people don't notice it. The rare times anyone asks I am happy to tell them what happened, How I broke my wrist and needed surgery and occasionaly I show it to people. I say unless your scars are really ugly or unless the way you got them is too personal or something you don't want to talk about you should just not worry about who sees it. Even if it is large or ugly so what unless you are trying to be a model or a movie star or the scar itself causes you problems I say don't worry about it. Someone I know has severe burn scars from being caught in a house fire as a child. He is in no way ashamed of it. It is a part of his life. When asked he is happy to tell anyone what happened and makes no attempt to hide them. He has nothing to be ashamed of being the innocent victim of a tragic fire. He knows he is lucky to be alive and goes on with his life not worrying about his looks. He is a great guy.

charliew charliew
41-45, M
Feb 19, 2010