My Dad Inadvertantly Gave Me This Scar

When I was 3 I got the worst case of Chicken Pox my family had ever seen. I mean, those suckers were between my toes, in my ears. all over my eyes and in my scalp. I don't know what crazy strand of Pox I came in contact with but I was severely miserable from not being allowed to itch. Well as a 3 year old, of course everytime mom wasn't looking I itched until I bled. I know, gross right? The ones around my eyes were the worst. Because they itched so bad and because I was 3 and unable to stop myself, I picked them one too many times. I have a pock shaped scar above my left eyebrow and there is a spot in my right side eye lashes that can no longer grow hair from the pock I picked. I have the gap in my lashes, which you can't tell unless you look for, but it's always a reminder of my itchy misery.

begeistert27 begeistert27
22-25, F
Feb 19, 2010