More Scars

i have them in a lot of places!!!! no joke my legs, my head, my arms, my face,even have one on my foot.

But i have new ones.....again. I thought that wat i did wouldhelp me....but i was wrong. It started when i was twelve and now im 15. It didnt help, all it made me do was lie to people. Tell them it was my cat or something. I dont know haow many beleived me but so far no ones freeked out about it.........yet. I made the mistake of cutting. I still do tho my last time was three weeks ago. I look at the knife every night, and then at my scars and i try not to cry. How could i have been so stupid? Now im always hiding my arms even when its hot i have on a sweatshirt. The scars are so ugly and some of them dark and scary. So now i have them, more of them and i dont know it i can stop.............just more scars

fireburninbad fireburninbad
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 2, 2010

lol thnx hun =) actually i have stopped tho...i promised my parents and my sis that i wud...but still sumtimes i catch them lookin me over wen they think i cant see...and wen something goes down they jus haaave to ask that question ya kno the one? r u cutting? but i dnt anymore...i am who i am and i refuse to be beat down on anymore...i have ways of copin wen im stressd now...

Oh hunny am sorry to hear that, I had a friend who cut but she desn't any more. Dont hide them, there apart of you now, all they show is that you are human, you laugh you cry, you hurt. We all make mistakes, let the scars remind you that youmade mistakes but ar over them. I'm not sayying cut, I would love it if you could stop, but I wont judge you for it either. Your just as important as ay one else and you should know that :) So gud luck and chin up, you shouldn't be ashamed of who you are, even if there ugly scars. lol it rhymed :)