Self Harm

i hate that i self harm, but i do. it totally makes me a statistic. i am a female over achiever with an eating disorder. i have so many scars on my legs and hips and stomach. part of me hates it, and part of me likes it. i feel like there are two sides of me. one side is so glad i do it so much less because it is UNHEALTHY, but the other side wants to hide in a room and do it all day and watch myself bleed. that's ****** up. 

pinkpaintedshirt pinkpaintedshirt
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 5, 2010

It doesn't make you a statistic, it makes you a person. I haven't cut in almost a year, and I might again someday, but looking at my scars reminds me of what I have pushed past. Let your scars be your motivation. I hope you know you're not alone. I think the desire will never go away. But it is one thing worth living for if you can watch yourself push past it for one more day.