Oct. 2009.

So, i have many scars, none of them I received due to surgery, or anything like that. Some of them are due to other things. but i do not have anymore from that for a long time. Majority of them are little ones barely seen, from my cats. :) kittens have claws right, well i got my fair share of them with my cats, We have three cats at my house and they are all fighters. Except house, shes good. But i have one scar on my leg. That was from myself. My accident prone self. It was funny how it happened. but it really hurt and totally effed up my sh*t. haha.

It was october 2009. i forget the exact date but i think it was two days before halloween. I was at my best friends house, witth our other friend. We were drinking, but not drunk or even buzzed yet. We needed mix for our drinks, so we decided to run to seven 11. to get some pop. Well we didnt have to cross the street but we were going to go look at this car that had been spray painted earlier. We took off running through a feild. and it was like super dark, not even the moon was shining through for it was cloudy. We were running and all of a sudden my best friend yelled watch out. and i turned my head to look at her, and then 2 seconds later i hit this huge metal poll, that had nails and sh*t in it, for the city was starting to asseble a fence there. And I went flying like a rag doll, my whole body flew through the air cause we were running down a slight hill full speed when i hit the poll. And my glasses flew off my face my cell went flying, my friends stopped dead, and ran too me. I started to laugh cause it was just so damn funny that i had to hit the poll at that exact moment. so my friends didnt know whether to laugh or cry. one was almost crying, and the other laughed with me. But once the adrenaline wore off it really hurt like a bee-word. So i started to tear up. And then my friend found my glasses and cell and we all shined our cells at my leg where the most pain was coming from and it was bleeding pretty baadly. So we walked well i got helped cause i could barely walk on the one leg. and we went back to my friends house without the mix. We got there and cleaned out the wounds which hurt. lol. then i was pretty intese. and it hurt i put a bandaid on and  shrugged it off. then we started to drink forgetting about it. soon the pain went away due to alcohol. and the next morning  i could barely bend my knee and i had a pretty ansty bruise. and it went from my knee up to my hip. with scratches and stuff. then all up my right arm there was a bunch of scratches and stuff. it looked like i got into a really bad fight. and my friend was tweeking out and felt bad for us running in the field but i was like no dont be mad because if she didnt yell watch out when she almost hit a poll herself i would have collided with my poll face first, and could have been even more injured.

now we just laugh at the memory, and the marks on my arm faded and are gone and the ones on my leg too. except for one that is not likely to disappear, because it was where i got the brunt of the collision. and that one is on my knee cap. haha. my family laughed at me when i told them how i got injured, haha it was quite funny. they said they could picture me flying through the air. haha, scars can hold some interesting memories. thats for sure.

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Mar 6, 2010