I'll Tell A Few That Come To Mind

When I was about 11or 12 I nearly sliced my thumb off while cutting a granny smith apple. It didn't hurt really bad at first, though it was bleeding pretty bad. I was under the personal belief then that band-aids were a cure-all, so I tried putting a band-aid on it. Unfortunately my hand was so slick with blood by then that I couldn't get the band-aid to stick! I finally went to my father and he stitched it up. (He's a doctor) I was so proud to have my first two stitches! Thinking back on it now, I was one weird child! The scar is really small and faint now, but it's still there. A little half circle on my left thumb. I did ate the apple though...

For my 14th birthday I received a pocket knife from my father. A few days after the date, I was out in the yard playing with our Boxer. I was running towards the house and tripped on our boardwalk. Somehow in our play, the Boxer had knocked the knife open and when I tripped the knife plunged into my leg. I ran into the house and my Dad, of course, stitched me up again. Funny thing was, it didn't actually hurt until my father checked to see if I had cut an artery by sticking a pair of scissors into the cut and opening them. Ouch. Now I have a inch-long pinky scar on my thigh, it's really soft and has three little dots on either side from the stitches. 

MortCheval MortCheval
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1 Response Mar 8, 2010

Eegad, it hurt me reading how your Dad checked to see if youd cut an artery by sticking scissors in and opening the cut!! Oooooo, pain..