I Fell In A Fire

I was having a bonfire at my house with a couple people over. I was pounding some bottles of tequila after I had already eaten some extremely intense hash edibles. More wood needed to be added to the fire. Once this was brought to our attention and everyone was complaining, hoping someone else would do it so they wouldn't have to, I immediately sprung up saying

"I'll do it!"

Everyone told me not to but I wouldn't let them tell me that. I got a huge, heavy stump and tried to lift it but couldn't. People got up to help but I told them to sit down. I finally got a good hold of it and lifted from the knees and stumbled over to the fire, throwing it in while simultaneously knocking over the little gaurd around the fire and falling in, laughing. A while after ward, the large scar made from a burn impression on my knee and across my arm were noticed. The one on my knee was first and I remember smiling, sitting there and poking it saying

"I'm so glad I'm wasted, or this would hurt a lot! I am completely numb right now!" As I giggled.

Epic night.

meuky meuky
18-21, F
Mar 13, 2010