On My Right Leg Where My Leg Meets My Foot

I was nine when I was in my first car accident. In this accident, I broke my leg in 4 places and disloacted my ankle. Brief discription: we were in an intersection turning, the other car was flying (breaking the speed limit) down the hill and hit us on our side. My mother jumped into the driver's seat (if she didn't she would have died) and that particular seat was very loose. It flew back, grabbed my ankle, twisted it and let go in matter of seconds. (Weirdest part: I didn't feel a thing...not even when I got out of the car and tried to walk on it.)

I had two surgeys on my foot/leg afterwards to insert (and take back out) a metal rod in my leg for my bone to heal. I am 19, almost 20 and the scar is still there and still very visible. Odd fact? I never want it to go away.

twilighthearts11 twilighthearts11
18-21, F
Mar 15, 2010