My Zipper

I have a zipper on my skin. It goes from under my breasts to my belly. Raised and a reminder to me that life is to be lived and cherished. Some years ago I was very ill to the point that I felt that I was slowly dying and I was. Three carcinoid tumors in my small intestine. Lurking there robbing my body and playing havoc with my health. A wonderful doctor found them when he opened me up one day in early spring. He gave me back my life. This small dark man who followed the teachings of the Koran, his holy book.

That morning I lay on the operating table and had my very guts exposed. The closest I ever came to facing my own mortality. With the hands of an angel he healed my body. Took from me what was slowly killing me.

When I first saw my mutilated body, I cried. Such an awful incision on my soft skin. Staples like railroad tracks on my body holding me together. My morphine pump became my best friend. My dear friend Mary holding my hand and helping me through my pain. The kindness of so many nurses who cared for me. My surgeon who walked in with a huge smile on his face knowing that he had given me back my life.

I have a zipper on my skin. I touch it and feel such gratitude. What I initially thought was ugly has become beautiful to me. I am whole again. I live and love and am loved. And all because I have a zipper on my skin.

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I am now married to a beautiful man. Beautiful in the fact that he sees my scars and kisses them tenderly because they are a symbol of the fact that I am alive. Badges of survival. Of having the ability to love him and live my life as a true partner. I can even walk around him nude because he does not see the signs of aging that I used to hide from my ex. <br />
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When we can love ourselves with our scars and cellulite and wrinkles and when our partners see us as beautiful in spite of our perceived flaws we love ourselves as we are. The most beautiful things in this world all have their own scars that a long life has imparted onto their being. Americas Liberty Bell in Philadelphia has a large crack running down its side but we here love this symbol as it tells a story. One can we can identify with in our own lives. <br />
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I am humbled that this story has touched its readers. Our scars make us human. Even the scars we carry in our hearts unseen by no one but us. Peace,D

I read your post and cried. I too have a raised scar but mine is on my chest. I was always so afraid to expose my scar because people would stare and I felt ugly. After reading your post I realized that my scar is beautiful. It's an imperfection that has its own story. Thank you for making cry and smile.

I have been fortunate in my career to meet people of many nationalities and religious beliefs and have been blessed to have been shown many acts of kindness whether in word or deed. It does not matter where a person comes from or how we practice our spiritual life but in how we treat others. Compassion is such a blessing and unites all who practice it. Thank you for the comment. Peace,D.

Thank you for telling this uplifting story - It was a reminder to me and I'm sure it will challenge and help many others who read it. The life God gives is not necessarily straightforward and survival and personal growth often come at a cost. Our scars are part of us and our story - let's be proud of what they add to us! Your experience also reminds your readers that most Muslims are life- and others- affirming folk - our world needs to realise and celebrate this, as you have.

I learned a great lesson from this experience. That kindness and compassion comes from many people regardless of their faith or beliefs. My surgeon walked into my room as I was reading one morning and asked me if I was reading my Holy Book? When I expressed an interest in knowing more about his faith he gave me a copy of the Koran. I did not find his Holy Book offensive but filled with simple principles for living a good life. He was a healer and he followed the teachings of his faith is a good way. A valuable lesson in my life that has taught me to see people for who they are. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. For celebrating that I have my life back. Blessings, D.

woow good for you am glad that you get your life back man !! The Koran does miracles to <br />
so keep your Faith up ^ _ ^