I've got a crescent shaped scar on my left wrist, and its not what you think. I reached out of the shower to get a washcloth and cut my wrist on the chipped porcelain on the top lid of the toilet. I was like ten, so i flipped out. I've got another crescent scar on my right knee. Take it from me, riding a scooter with two adult dogs on leashes, in a part of town with a ton of stray cats, Not a good Idea! And I've got Another Crescent on my left ankle, I was on my friend's top bunk on a bunk bed, I decide to flip, feet over head, to the bottom bunk. I cut my ankle on a sharp piece of plastic on her entertainment center. I've got other scars all over, but those are my most interesting.

LadyOfTheThorns LadyOfTheThorns
18-21, F
Apr 13, 2010