Most Days

well,i guess it all began back in the 70,s.
i'd allways wanted to be a girl,and xdressed in my sisters clothes often.
senior school approached and yep,you've guessed it before long i was fully dressed in my sisters school uniform; white knickers and bra,long white socks,white blouse,silver/grey stripey tie,knee length grey pleated skirt,grey cardigan,maroon blazer and black T-bar shoes.
i looked and felt great as i was wearing what the other girls wore,i so much yearned to be one and play and behave like one.
since then i haven't looked back,i dress as a schoolgirl most days and have built up a vast array of uniforms.
i tend to go for the prim and proper look and dress smartly for school,i even put my hair in bunches with ribbons tied in bows.
i allways wear a pleated skirt and v-neck jumper or cardigan,it seems it's all sweatshirts and trousers now(and i LOATHE trousers!)
i don't consider it a fetish,(bad connotations) after all i'm not hurting anyone,i'm just having some fun,and boy do i have FUN!!!!
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Hello schoolskirt

you and me seem to have a lot in common. I too had an older sister who unintentionally lent her brother her complete school uniform for me to wear when she was out and her gym kit at night. Followingon from these early experiences in the 70s, I started collecting just like you, a large variety of girls uniforms (and boys ones too) which do cause me a storage headache or two but I have enjoyed gathering the collection and wearing it when the opportunity is there.

I love 70s with most school girls worn mini skirts, some pleated ( My fav) and flaired one. I love windy days cos you know their skirts especially pleated blown right up to their waist much higher than some normal skirts.Then I hurried home to put on my full schoolgirl uniform with blazer and put on my mini pleated skirt. Then got on my girl bike, love the feeling of cold saddle!!. I cycled out to be with schoolgirls and let my skirt flying in the winds, lucky motorists would look up my skirt to see my lovely white panties.So that was a beautiful experence I ever had, I love winds sooo much, every time there is one, I often dressed as a girl and schoolgirl and young lady even out in pouring rain!! LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fabulous sweetie<br />
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Wow, you lucky girl! I had to gaze enviously at the girl's uniforms as I was growing up in the 70's, I never got to wear them and even today I don't get to dress a tenth as much as I would like!

pterry sweet sissy susan i hope we r going to have some fun wiv u in ur school uniform x x x

"Tell me about it". Except that I am registered female, ( I was born mixed gender), your post could almost have been written by me. Being small, I wear school skirts all of the time for work & so on. Always with an underskirt. My fully female partner is the same. Her stories are on here about finding her brother wearing her school uniform. Instead of getting him into trouble, she helped him & kept it secret.

Well you certainly look cute in your profile pic. X

I think it is fulfilling a dream you couldn't way back when. I had the same dreams and desires too all through school.