I Always Fasted My School Jacket

As I have already written, I was very proud to wear my school uniform and I always made sure that I fastened all three buttons. Some boys would remove their jacket and sling it over the backs of their chairs but not me. I always wore my full school uniform. My parents did not go to a school with a uniform so my uniforalwaysm was a sign to them that I was at a better school than they had attended and they were very proud in that.

As my parents did not have a lot of money my school uniform became my 'best suit'. If we went out to visit friends or relatives then I always wore my school uniform. They would know why I was wearing my uniform as they came from similar backgrouns so they usually said how smart I looked wearing my uniform. This of course made me pleased with myself.

One of the things I hated was to get any dirt on my uniform. Whilst some boys would play on the grass and roll around on the ground I would always take off my jacket first and put it somewhere same. Often this meant that whilst I kept my jacket clean my shirt would get dirty. Several times I was slippered for dirtying my shirt but never for dirtying my uniform. In fact I never worried about being slippered but thats another story.
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I'm afraid that when I was at school, any boy who insisted on wearing his blazer fully fastened after about the first year, was, more often than not, taken behind the bike shed and had his buttons unceremoniously torn off. This was sometimes done so roughly that the front of the blazer got ripped in the process.

Yep, that's another story!