Right From School

My cousin told me about the day a week before her 16th birthday.  She was picked up from school by her mother.  She had on her girls school uniform.  Plaid pleated skirt, pantyhose, white sweater.  Her mother then informed her they were going to the doctor.  My main fetish.  Cindy thought her mother meant her pediatrician.  No not quite.  It was her mothers doctor and that meant she was going to a gynecologist.  Very shortly she was sitting on the table, looking at the strange stirrups sticking out from the end.  There was the school uniform skirt hiding her bra and panties  The doctor even commented of the skirt.  He said is daughter is starting there next year.  I now have that uniform in my collection along with five others.
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3 Responses May 25, 2012

School uniforms are so extremely sexy!

I always loved wearing girls school uniforms, and still do.

Would like to see it.