Riley Chompers

I swore I wasn't going to have any more pets and I kept that promise for five years.  Then my stepdaughter kinda dumped this puppy on us.  Well, I housebroke him, got him groomed for the first time, made sure he had all of his shots, taught him some basic obedience commands, got him neutered.  By then, I might as well keep the little fellow.

I don't really know anything about this breed. My groomer said he's a real charmer and not like most terriers.  What in the world does that mean?  What is a terrier temperment/personality? 

All I know is that this one (he's now over one year old) is a great companion.  Playful, smart and does "snap his teeth" towards you.  But he is not trying to bite - just wants something.

He's about 28 pounds and very sturdy and strong.  I can't help it - just love this dog! 


Peabody Peabody
51-55, F
3 Responses Jun 26, 2007

I think it's cute when they snap their teeth like they are talking to you. What did you name your little guy?

I've owned Scotties since 1973 and I can tell you that you have lucked into the only dog you'll ever want. Scotties are the quintesential terrier, intelligent, proud, stubborn, loyal, tough and feisty. Did I say stubborn? Most professional trainers will tell you that you can teach a Scottie to do anything and then they will do it if they feel like it. Be aware that they are also very stoic. If a Scottie gets hurt they are usually too proud to let you know, that means you have to pay attention. They don't whimper, cry, or whine, unless they decide to use those techniques to get something they want like a ride to the park. However they quickly become attuned to your moods and know when you need their support. They are not lap sitters, but once they become "your" dog they will seldom leave your side. You will find them next to your chair, laying in the doorway of they room where you're working, sleeping right next to your bed. The intelligence shining out of their eyes soom makes you believe you are living with a small fuzzy person, who happens to not speak. They tend to be the least yappy of the terrier breeds and have far too much dignity to do something as silly as fetch. They are reserved and aloof to other dogs, and usually prefer people. They have a strong sense of their personal space and quickly let other dogs know if they are too close. They are fearless. You are just beginning a special relationship.

My parents have two West Highland Terriers, a cousin to the Scottish Terriers, and they have quite the personality. Terriers are typically full of energy, and *****. My parents' dog have to play with the big dogs at the dog park, because they beat up the little ones. Terriers also tend to show their roots as ratters: the Westies have caught moles, lizards and snakes from the garden. Thats the typical terrier personality. Given all that though, they are some of the sweetest dogs. It sounds like you have a real charmer of a dog too.