All 9 Of Us

I will start to introduce them,

1. The child is the most important and sane one of us. The is 5 years old. Innocent and carefree.

2. Surviver Emily is a tough with a military like way of doing things. She is not to be crossed! She had to be born in my hour of need. She was created when I was 5.

3. Social Emily came around after the need for surviver Emily passed. Someone had to be able to communicate with others and live a saner life. She was born at roughly 16/17

4. Spike was born when I was 7 and I had so much hate and anger and pain I had to get rid of it. So a sadistic cruel and dominating personality was born.

5. Evil Emily has always been there. She has no sense of care is pure darkness. She would kill friends and laugh.

6. Party Emily was born when I was 20 as a method of relaxing and calming down. I have trouble with that and my stressful job did not help. Party Emily is allowed to relax and de stress myself to a saner point so I don't feel like exploding or something.

7. Cat Emily is pretty much like a cat. Enough said. She has always been there.

8. Dominating Emily is pretty much into dominating and bdsm culture. She is demanding and strict but caring and strong. She was also born at 21.

9. Summer fun Emily was born at 21. She hasn't got the darker side of the others. She is pretty much mature and older yet loves to have fun. She is an ordinary girl as sane as they could be.
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lucky you , i only have 2

lol Well I don't get lonely! I avoid confusion by just letting them naturally be.