Is She......?

I have to admit, I have two profiles...this was created as a sexual release...a place I could flirt and express myself sexually...sensually.

My first profile has made a great number of good friends on EP...and once you have done this, you no longer feel anonymous, you no longer feel free to write about everything in your life...including your sexual fantasies...strange really because most of us have's just taboo to talk about in most circles...

But the time has come to merge my two profiles...afterall if you can't be who you truly are on EP then where can you???

But will I be brave enough to tell my friends about isshe??? We'll see...
Isshe Isshe
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There is no reason why you can't be yourself, if those who feel uncomfortable with themselves can't accept that then perhaps they should take a closer look at themselves.

My sensual side... hmmm.. I think that will have to be encouraged. :)

Awww, thanks BQ...when do we get to see your sensual side ;)

Isshe, I understand the need to have two profiles. You are showing yourself as a sensual woman - its great to see women like our age group express stuff like your stories. Those 20's something think we are too old but blah... we have proven that we still have a life!. <br />
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You rock Isshe.

lol....hey ya Jo! <br />
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Nope I haven't given people the opprtunity o decide really...most don't know who my other profile is! <br />
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But I'm becoming more and more indifferent about having both merge...<br />
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Oh and thanks!! You have just given all my Isshe friends a great impression of my other profile's writing ability! I'll still a crap writer!<br />
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Isshe, yes I'm still getting used to the name lol .I wondered how we cld explore<br />
the diff. sides of our nature through various mediums of writing.. you've shown great courage to come forward and inform everyone u<br />
still have 2 profiles giving everyone the opportunity to decide on wg or is she<br />
for they are one.<br />
<br />
ur writing skills def. improve because one thing is for sure....we have<br />
fallen in love with the written word.

awww....I knew you would be EH...that's why you are a friend x 2 :)<br />
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Yep..and I think you so right about people who seem stuffy...

Is - you set up your profiles for whatever you want them to be. I completely understand why you wouldn't want to mix some friends with others - it might not work out for any good purpose. The other thing is that second profiles can help you when YOU feel sensitive about topics, because people not commenting and not caring can hurt when you're sensitve about something.<br />
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I will say this, though: people continue to amaze me. I'll give you one example - my mother is a stuffy old woman when it comes to sex, always has been from my memories of her (beginning when she was about 40). But she was quite happy to walk around our house in see-through gowns, even with my teenage brother in the house (was her mind THAT innocent?); and she used to tell me all about her sex life with Dad (sheesh, pah-lease). When I told her a few home truths about my life... well, she got it. People can surprise you. <br />
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At the end of it all, though, I'm sure your real friends will be happy to know you for who you are. I know I am. HUGS's strange since becoming Isshe, I I've discovered that I'm a little shy about being publicly erotic...<br />
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Thanks SI...We have yet to be on at the same time! I'll have to make sure I get to know you better through your stories..<br />
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KnottyGentlemen...I don't think you are someone who I'd count as not having a guess Isshe is the more wholesome me ;)<br />
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Andy Pandy...I know that grin! lol

CuriousSgt...when I started out on EP, I was anonymous...a bit like when you move to a new town or a new country...but eventually I made a circle of friend who I became quite close to. At the time I was not looking for anything other than support and fun, but innocent friendships. Although I ocassionally flirted I'm sure that most of my friends would not have been comfortable with the some of the groups thatI have joined as Isshe...and I respect does not mean that I value those friends any less than the ones that I make as Isshe...

Yes, I'd rather have an online Multiple Personality Disorder or Dissociative Identity Disorder than have no personality at all. I'm happy to be here and those who know me for who I can fully be appreciate it as well.

I only have the one profile but I could see why some people might want more than one. You are not the first friend that has had more than one and if you are not hurting anyone I don't see a problem with it.

That's the feeling I had upon deserting Facebook for a while, leave my front persona behind, open my more intimate one here, anonymously. Even so you are right Isshe, after you make friends, even if they also remain anonymous, you can feel like it's harder to share more without thinking of how you'll be judged by those who think they know you, how not to disappoint them.<br />
A balancing act as life is.

Interesting! I wish I had thought about creating multiple profiles. Only because I have what I would say are three threads on my posts here. One is completely benign, one is political and one is adult themed! The latter deminishes (to some) the validity of my post in the other two threads. Especially the political rants I'll post! LOL. Well, it's to late to go back I suppose... <br />
Looking forward to reading your erotic posts lady! Bill in Va.

Well WNEO, you are craver than me...have never popped a photo of myself on ep. So far I've only told three EP friends from my other profile...on being my husband...I'm still working up the courage...<br />
<br />
I'm trying to write a heap of stories that aren't just about my sexual emotions etc...before telling them...<br />
<br />
Will keep you all posted.<br />
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I really understand you Isshe. I also have 2 EP accounts, the first is this one, and second for the sexual release as you put it. Though none of my friends from real life know about my EP accounts, I still want to keep those totally separated. I just feel more comfortable this way. I don't think I'll ever gather courage to merge my accounts.

Yep I hear you Ersatz. <br />
<br />
On made me stop and think...when I first started out on EP, about a year ago, I was very self conscious about my stories and writing capabilities...but I've just realised just how very far I have you I enjoy it a lot more than I efver thought I would...<br />
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Thanks for your comment :)

Thanks so much MS...fingers crossed...

I only have one profile Isshe.. and it was created for exactly the same reason as you created this one. I have been lucky enough to make some awesome friends and they already know the "naughty" me and choose to be my friends anyway. It really is nice knowing that nothing I could ever do or say could shock or alienate them as they already know all the "dirt" and stick by me regardless!! Hope your merge works out for you.

It's a hard juggling act...I'm beginning to doubt that it can work actually...I'm such a don't want my friends to feel uncomfortable either...<br />
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Thanks for your comment Ersatz