I Was Here First! No, *I* Was! LOL

This is my original profile, and it's by FAR the more open and true version of myself. My other account is more PG-13 rated. Or... should I just let other EP'ers' adult content filter take care of that for me?  If you're somehow offended or inhibited from friending me by this profile, PM me with an explanation and I'll be happy to consider letting you know who my 'other' identity is.
badonkadoku badonkadoku
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2 Responses Jul 20, 2010

I will PM it to you.

Well...I bloody wanna know just because I'm nosy! It will also drive me nuts wondering if you've sent me a friend's request with your other profile. If the first reason doesn't float your boat...how about cuz I'm really cute? *bats eyelashes and flirts her *** off* LOL! :)