Friends And Secondlife

I have been in the secondlife virtual world for over 2 years now and have met some amazing people and some I have not liked some I have liked just like in real life. There are those I would not be myself without and those I have learned from.

Lessons I have learned from there,

Its okay to be who you are and to express what you like.

Listen to your heart and love what it tells, and if you get heartbroken learn that it will heal in time.

If you hurt someone it takes two people to make a relationship, so it is not solely your fault just something that didn't work out.

Its okay to help people and also okay to be helped if you need it.

Most of all be yourself, because if you are not who are you being?

And hugs to everyone who reads this post, be good and have a great day :)
JennyLouiseReed JennyLouiseReed
31-35, T
1 Response Jan 19, 2013

I have been in secondlife going on 8 years now :)