Its No 'secret'

Back on my Junior year in High school, maybe on the middle of the year. Our class adviser arranged our seating arrangement (which totally suck, before the seating arrangement, my 3 besties and I were seatmates), she put me on the 2nd to the last row, and the seating arrangement must be boy-girl-boy. Coincidentally, both my guys seatmate like me, though that time I had no idea. The guy on my right is *Nick* and on my left is *Jay*, Nick is an honor student, cute, musician, and very smart, while Jay is more on sports, he's a basketball player on our school and very sweet.  (By the way, we three went to elementary school together but were never classmates.)

On the days we were just sitting on our sits inside the room or the teachers discussing lessons, I talk to Jay more than Nick, I don't talk to Nick much because I never thought on talking to him. My first impression of Nick is very snobby, only talk to people like him, honor students and musicians. My besties are friends with both guys. After weeks of seating together, we got close. We share musics, home works, and stories to each other, but mostly I sill talk to Jay more. Jay and Nick became "friends", while my besties and I are friends with the both of them.

One day, it is our Homeroom Class. Our class adviser asked us to make a big circle in our room and tell us to give his/her speech (about anything our hearts desire to open up to the class) in front of the class. Coincidentally again, my classmate on the right start the speech, which makes me the last to give speech. After many of my classmates gave their speeches, Jay is up next, I remember he said something I have no idea what it is, then Nick suddenly talks back to him and they got into an argument, Nick and Jay walks out of the room, still I have no idea what they're fighting about, but really it is about me.

The next day, my bestie *Joy* ask me to sit with her, of course she's my best friend and I happily seated next to her. Then she told me about the "incident" the day before. She told me that Jay is really pointing his "speech" to Nick about liking me. I was really startled when she told me, I don't know what to say, I even got shy on seating in the middle of them, it would be totally uber awkward. But I deal with the "awkwardness' anyway and put things back how it used to be.

After the school year, it is our Senior year. Neither of them became my classmates or neither of them become classmates and I am very thankful to that. We just say hi in the hallways or just texting each other. One time, we are asked to switch classrooms with Jay's. I was so late so I was ask to seat in the corner back of the room, coincidentally the chair was Jay's. Our teacher gave us an essay seat work, while I was writing, I notice something carved on the desk of the chair, I saw my whole name on it. I was so shock, I never told my besties about it, even now they don't know.

On our retreat, on the last day the priest gave us some letters our batch mates wrote for us. I receive two letters, one from my bestie and one from Nick. On Nick's letter, he told me how he feels about me and how he is concerned about me. I texted him when I got home, saying thanks for the letter.

Now that I have graduated from high school three years ago, I still remember the silly stuff they're doing. ^^ Honestly, no one had the guts to confess to me personally or asked me on a date. ^^ We still have contacts to each other, the sweet talks they're giving me now are just part of growing up, I don't I've meaning to them. ^^ I'm now in college, I have to concentrate on my present and future than look back from my past.

Bonus: On my years in High school, I have a lot of admirers, but I tend to ignore them. I'm not just saying this, and it is not a lie. Really, either they are younger or older. I have a lot of letters from them, that I still haven't throw away. Those letters are the part of m High school years, so I won't throw them away. :)

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Jul 18, 2010