I Shouldn't Love You...

Well I don't exactly know if it's a crush, but I'll explain.
We are the bestest friends EVER me and him.
I know absolutely everything.
We talk about his girl problems.
Whenever he talks about all these pretty girls that he likes and everything I think "damn why not me?" and "just a reminder of why my super nice but not exactly attractive friend gets more dates than I do -_-" and it makes me think of why isn't that me that he thinks about? Why doesn't anyone think about me that way?
He accepts every single one of my flaws
He treats me better than anyone else.
He's always on my mind.
I dreamed of him once.
I feel ridiculous and obsessed and hurt
Because he treats me nice, but he still don't really like show he cares as much as one would think.
But I remember all the cute small things he does.
I feel really important but really worthless to him.
I can't explain my feelings for this guy!
But I know one thing.
I Love Him...
And I'm Pretty Sure I'm Not Supposed To...
WelcomToMyLife WelcomToMyLife
13-15, F
May 15, 2012