Creeping On My Best Friend

I met him in college. I walked into the classroom and looked around to find someone interesting to sit beside. There was this cute guy with striking blonde hair, obviously bleached and I thought, HMMMM here is a guy who is making a fashion statement that most straight guy wouldn't. I sat beside him and said hi as I was putting my book bag down. He said hi back and he was gorgeous. About 5'9" and 140 pounds with a very cute little boy face even though I know he was at least 18 here in this freshman class.

Over time, we talked more and we even had another class together. His name was dave and his was the son of a business man that had don well for himself, going into the school of business. He was a yuppy Republican with an apparent silver spoon in his mouth but I loved him. Of course, he can never know since over time I realized he may not be gay. He talked of girls and had a supposed girl friend at home. Being very closeted, I never let on that I was bi and really was crushing on him. When the weather was bad during the evening classes and I had classes in the AM, he would invite me to stay over in his dorm room since I lived at home some 30 minutes away. In most cases, his room mate was never there, and I always had a sleeping bag in my car so I would always accept. I would either sleep on the floor or on the room mates bed. Every now and then I would probe him a bit with conversation. When I talked of ************, he said he didn't do it, which was a very modest position. He said that the feeling of ****** just was not very pleasurable. HHUUUUHHH?? I thought, is that even possible?

He did not have very good luck with women. He always hung around guys who seemed very good looking. I still had my doubts about his supposed straightness. Once he invited me to his family camp during the summer. Just him and me and some Captain Morgan and coke. We got lit and talked sex and even had some straight **** to watch but that night he said he wasnt going to jerk off, but that night, I did just a few feet from him in full view if he wanted to see me, but I think he had passed out. Then one night we shared a bed at his mother's house. I decided to check him out early the next morning. I pulled up the waistband of his fruit of the looms and saw his gorgeous ****, sitting there saying, Suck me, Taste me! But I just let it go. Then one night we were at his dad's condo on the slopes of a ski mountain. When we got to the room where we were to stay, I was amazed to see a huge king bed. But the roomhad not been heated and it would have taken a long time to warm it up. I tried to convice him that it was just fine but we ended up on two couches instead. But I wonderd, why would he want to sleep with me in a big bed since so many guys at the time would shy away from this.

One night we were down town and he was complaining about his recent break up and how life was so good for me since I was in a steady relationship with who would eventually be my wife when I decided I was going to lay it on the line. The conversation went like this:

"You think that I have it made don't you? You think I have it easy with a girlfriend and everything is just rosey, huh??" "Well, yeah." He said, wondering where I was going with this. I was sweating, I was about to let the cat out of the bag and I wasn't sure how he was going to handle it. But I wasn't going to tell him how much I wanted to get with him. "What if I told you things on the surface is very different than what is really going on?" He looked perplexed, very confused. "What if I told you I had been unfaithful to [my girlfriend]?" He looked shocked and still confused. "What if I told you that although I have been unfaithful, I have never touched another woman?" He was sitting across from the little table, beers between us half drunk and many twenty somethings all milling about this brick walled upscaled tavern. He was mouth opened, not sure what was happening, trying to put two and two together to make four but is wasnt adding up. I dropped the bomb then. . ."Dave, I am bi sexual and I have been for a very long time, and no one knows accept for you." He was still sitting with his mouth opened, I continued. . . "I think I was born this way, I have thought of it and I know I didn't learn this but I have been with more guys than I have been with girls."

Eventually he began to talk asking how I could be both, and I said, "****, how can someone just like one sex? There are lots of very beautiful people out there. When I am at the beach, I am checking out both guys and girls." He seemed like he was doing ok with this and over time that night it was obvious this was not going to be an issue in our relationship.

Time went on and one summer, he met me at work and after work we headed to my families cottage on a lake nearby for the night. When we got there, I had put the camper together so that there was not only one bed but I had unzipped the sleeping bags so that it was set up like a large bed. I explained it that my parents had done it last time they were there. We sat outside drinking Jack Daniels and watching the full moon rise over the lake. It was a warm night but the mosquitoes didnt seem to bother us. We talked about normal stuff and touched on sex every now and then. Sometimes around 3 am, we decided to call it a night. We were both very drunk and so it was easy to explain the sleeping arangements. We both ******** down to our white briefs of the day and got under the sleeping bag cover. It wasn't long before I could tell he was out. This is when I decided to make my move. I pulled the cover down and began slowly pulling his briefs down. He had a beautiful bush with a nice flaccid cut ****. I began rubbing it lightly and it seemed to get arroused a bit. I decided I wasn't going to let this time get by without me sucking it. I put his semi hard **** in my mouth and began bobbing up and down on it. I was in heaven. Suddenly I heard him say my name. . . . OH ****! I pulled it from my mouth and pulled the cover back up and rolled away. I thought, hell we are drunk? He wont remember this in the morning. I then remembered days later, he must have noticed his underwear was down??? We never talked of it. In fact, the night before my wedding, we shared a tent at the same cottage with all of the other groomsmen. We all drew names and places for sleeping arrangements. He and I were in the tent. HMMMMM.

But it was the night before my wedding. I decided I was going to be good and I did not touch him.

That was a lot of years ago. Dave is in a relationship with a woman with a family. He is running his own business and he has lost most of his hair. He has also put on some 30+ pounds but if he ever said, Hey lets play, I still would in a heartbeat. Perhaps someday we will discuss that night in my camper and go from there.
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ats cute bro, too bad yous ended up with wimen, no offense to wimen, but you cant beet another bloke in your heart . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its just more wholesome and is more natural thing to do. i posted a story too. its called crept in on my straight mate in his sleep

interesting reading.<br />
thank you for this post

great story....I could never muster the courage to try that with a buddy of mine. want to though.

What a great story. Brings me back to my own youth especially when I was in junior high and high school. I had such crushes on my male friends. I am totally gay now, but the summer after I graduated high school, I experimented with girls. I had 2 virgins that summer. One was really fun, and we continued to screw all summer. The other was an awful experience, very uncomfortable and stressful. Shortly after that, I came out. I did fool around with one of my male friends in junior year. Incredible. I let him take the lead and thought we would be together after that, but then in the morning, after he got off for the second time, he started in with some bullshit about us going to hell. We all know these people. I was mortified and ran back into the closet. That christian crap really did a number on me for years. After I came out I tended to be into older guys. I loved their experience and confidence. Now that I am getting older, almost 42, I am really into youth and beauty. I love the younger generation. Their tight bodies and beautiful hard *****, longing to *** over and over. I really need to have some of that before I am too old. Here's hopin.

Yeah, love the younger guys as well. Still have some younger guy stories to get too. Stay tuned!

Cool. How do I find these guys? I really need one.