Do You Like Me As I Like You?

This guy I met in high school through cheer leading, we became pretty close friends after finding out we had a class together. So we started to hang out, and exchange numbers(I asked) we texted a bit but normally he started the texting. I would sit with him close and he would let me listen to his music, put my legs on his, and even help me on assignments(mostly he would tell me I did awful then fix it all, and let me watch.) He always teased me and made fun of me in class, I always thought he considered me as a sister or some sort, after awhile he texted me asking who he should date, if I know anyone, and I should hook him up (friendzoned goes through my mind.) Afterwards I gave up, btw everyday before we separate he gives me a hug. Some days ago I told my friend who is friends with him also that I like him, afterwards he text me at Night later on asking if I would want to hang out, wear his necklace(which I love wearing) if I want to eat out, you know stuff like that. I thought it was a joke because the next day he was all happy and told me he got drunk with his bestfriend. As the day progressed he let me wear his necklace and my friend texted me saying he had a crush on me but didn't want things awkward. Story: I like this boy, he messes with me and gives me hints. I think he sees me as a little sister. I tell a friend I like him the next day he's super sweet to me and even his friends make fun of him. Does he like me or is he just messing with me for fun? His type was normally blonde, big chested, pretty tall, long hair, and everything I'm not. What's the deal?
LovelyScars LovelyScars
13-15, F
Nov 30, 2012