I Think I Like One Of My Best Friends... :|

This will be long. So prepare.

Me and him have been friends since 4th grade. He's always openly had a crush on me, and I've actually rejected him a few times. I care about him and all, but he always tends to put other people above me. Like, he always tells me how he likes my other friend better than me. That she's funnier, smarter, more fun to be around. I told him I hate it, but he still does it. And he does the same thing with other girls he likes. He tells me how much he likes them, all the little aspects of them that he loves. He never does that about me.

Another thing is, it would be really weird if I told him that I liked him, since I've rejected him in the past and told him I didn't like him in that way. And I know the relationship wouldn't last very long. He gets mad at me for little reasons. It's not that we wouldn't be friends, (he's dated some of my friends before and they're still his friend) its just that I don't see the point if I know it's not going to last.

I don't really know what to think. There's obviously more cons than pros. :| any suggestions? (if you even read the whole thing)
NigrumAnima NigrumAnima
13-15, F
Jan 5, 2013