The way she walks, I watch her
Butterflies make their way into my stomach
The fragrance she wears, I smell her
I close my eyes & picture myself holding her close to keep her smell under me
The way she speaks, its as though she is speaking in slow motion
Those topics I can keep going for hours with her
Craving to hear her voice speak through the receiver of the phone but freezing up at the thought of running out of things to say
When she walks into the room everyone else disappears
My heart drops at the sight of her
Her walk speaks elegance & her face speaks radiance
Feeling like a kid in elementary school with a crush
Her eyes tell me mysterious stories as if they are saying there is so much more to her
How do I fix these feelings for what is not mine?
This crush on this beauty that I should not have
Yet I can't help but to wonder what giving her everything she ever wanted would feel like
Want to give her the world and fix what hurt messed up
This crush that existed since that birthday night
A night of celebration turned into a night of fantasy
Fantasizing about her being mine
I became so child like with those feelings that made my stomach flutter
That's when she became my crush.
ComingOut88 ComingOut88
22-25, F
Sep 9, 2012