Silly Odd Problem:any Opinions?

Okay,so I am almost over my crush.And I loved having the crush ,a case of 'in love with love',I suppose.
So I have very fond memories of being all enchanted with this guy( who by the way is this hyperactive cute nerd) and I feel that they should remain undisturbed.

I keep feeling I should go and talk to him,online (because he passed out from my university),for the last time.Hes a really nice person and I had always wanted to talk to him about random things.When I was obsessed with him,any conversation was always about work related or study related things (because I was such a coward,and he was so clueless!)and the random stuff talk never happened.And we didnt really talk too many times anyway.

So now I feel like talking to him,but at the same time I dont want to disrupt that image of my crush in my head.I had so many expectations of how I would feel when we would have a nice long chat.What if it isnt like I imagined?What if we dont connect(-not a problem-since Im almost over him anyway.)

I thought ,instead of just thinking an wondering about something so silly,I will just ask for an opinion from people on ep

So should I just go ahead and talk to him?Even if he doesnt reply or doesnt show any interest?(After all,Online rejection is still rejection!)

Also,are five parenthesis in one short little story one too many?(Its a habit,what can I do...)
(That makes six)
Dreamwalking Dreamwalking
22-25, F
Sep 15, 2012