It Is You

If I tell you who then it wouldn't be a secret anymore.

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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no, he is always invited to our parties.

Oh I see! Is Art trying to crash your pool party, is that why? LOL

LOL I poke it for Art lol.

Yes FG I do know that. But why the Voo doo Bunny? LOL

LOL Snowy is one of my best friends. Didn't you know that sweetie?

Voodoo bunny~ NOOOOOO; Snowy's your friend!! Step back from the voo doo; Easy...Easy now! LOL

LOL I got two new ones recently so I have a spare always.

That is true ART... one of you is certainly right. . . By the way I bought a new voodoo bunny today.

i dont have a clue!

Mmmmm.....tell me, tell me FG :)

guys, we already know it's a TRW and Sleepless ********* for FG as far as crushing on anyone here is concerned...<br />
<br /> settle's over...LOL<br />
<br />
OK....*that* should generate activity some around here!<br />
<br />

if she tells you she has to kill you. Then no more secret

Oh...............keep it a secret that is what makes it seem so much fun.

It's ok, Honey, you can tell. I totally have a crush on you too! ;)

He ain't lion!!!

everyone has that certain someone or a few someones that just triggers them on each level the internet can provide so i guess i can see where someone would have a crush on someone here i havent been here long enough to imagine the concept but im sure we all find one eventually, well with me i dont find anyone they find me :) its not easy to entice me on every level but if its there ( chemistry in words and conversation ) im drawn in eventually lol. Im intrigued by a certain type though. How the heck can you choose just one person on here out of 10million lol. What is it that makes us crush on anyone over the internet ?

With the way you talk it seems like you crush on every ep friend you have.

got a hint?