The Refuge Of Paradise

My secret garden ... walled and secure .

It is the keeper of secret longings , hidden loves

Shadowed pains , dim memories

It has been a solace in a world that at once can be exciting, frightening and cruel

Here in my secret garden is a calm that can not be touched even in the stormiest of times.

The streams in this garden are from my tears of joy and of sadness

The wind my sighs from abandoned plansĀ  , unfulfilled passions, and hopeless romantic musings

Here I can revisit my past without fear , I can rewind time without guilt

I can take my worries and woes and skip them , like stones, on the surface of my dreams

softkitti softkitti
22-25, F
9 Responses Sep 5, 2011

veary moving i loved it!

why thank you so much I am glad you liked it

I guess one can only hope that they have a secret place to go to (inside). For only appears when you're driving to work or in a boring meeting.

MM hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm =-D<br />
<br />
yes everyone has their own secret paradise inside no? UP

On in my mind could a place like this exist...


By the way, what you wrote reminded me of two songs. I think I think in music...the first one, I could while away the you know the rest? I bet you do. And the second, if you like pina coladas...and we all know you LOVE the rain! Love you, mitten. xxoo...

I like the sound of that! If only. :)

ahh every one should have a secret garden , until you make one your welcome anytime to mine. Here you can while away the hours sipping a pina colada and swinging on a hammock . =-P

This is so beautiful. I want to go there too. I need that now. Sending you my love. xo...