My Secret Garden

I loved the book The Secret Garden when I was a child and vowed to have one some day.When my daughter was born, I decided the time was now.I enclosed an area 20'x25' with hedges--privit and arrowwood viburnum since they are fast growing.A nearly hidden opening trimmed into the hedge serves as the doorway.

I laid a stone path with large flat stones from the brook to a wood and wrought iron bench tucked in one corner of the garden. A rose bush covers the arbor over the bench with beautiful red blossoms.There is an antique concrete statue of a child holding a shaft of wheat across from the bench. A bird bath awaits feathered friends next to the arbor.

In the secret garden are many types of my favorite plants--daylilies that came from my mother's garden, an intensely fragrant queen of the meadow which is one of the druid's seven sacred plants, astilbe with their soft feathery spikes of color, daffodils for spring cheer, lady's mantle that hold the dewdrops like liquid gemstones, ferns and hosta growing lush in the shady sections.There is a fairy rose with its cheery little pink flowers that always make me smile.A perennial geranium brightens its spot with a splash of purple.Periwinkle carpets a section with lavender flowers.

The butterflies and hummingbirds love our secret garden too. A cat can usually be found napping on the bench.Wrens watch us from their perch on the hedges.My children and I have spent many happy hours sitting and talking and telling stories in the secret garden. And there have been many times my children have sought its refuge to sit and think in peace and quiet when they are having a bad day.I discovered early on that this was the place my youngest son retreated to when he needed to be alone-- a beautiful place hidden away from the troubles of the world.

Visitors, both young and old, are delighted when they accidentally discover the secret garden or have it pointed out to them because it escaped their gaze and remained hidden from their sight. I have always been so glad that I fulfilled my childhood vow to create a secret garden because we have found much joy in this magical place. Tucked under the hedges near the doorway is a hand-painted little sign that reads "I am surrounded by beauty I have drawn to myself." That sums up how I feel about it--there can be so much beauty in our lives if we just take the time to draw it in to ourselves.

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A former resident created one a few steps from our back door. A beautiful gift for which I am more than grateful.

What a wonderful gift! So glad it came to someone who would appreciate it!

wow can i vist ur garden,,, maybe ill turn my pato into a garden, buy some patio furniture, few flower pots, place one of those eletrical fake water falls in the corner and wa la ! i have a garden.... when i do ill take pics share them ...

I think that's a great idea, Gypsyblu! I always tell visitors to my garden that I created just what I wanted to see!

That is so wonderful! <3 If I ever have a garden I also want to create such a delightful refuge. I love that your son finds retreat there :).

Thanks dancingleaves...I love that name! It's magical, just like my secret garden :-)

Aw, thanks :-)

Ah, you discovered my secret garden, Ari! We truly have enjoyed this magic spot tremendously.

I love your comment, shahidaman3. Thank you! Sometimes I go there in my imagination and meditations, too. Especially on a day like today when it is covered under three feet of snow!

This story of yours has enlivened my childhood dream of hanging out in woods,where its only nature beside me and i am all by myself to think and feel the right to be trouble free. i in my imagination am lying in your secret garden in the velvety shade of plants and placing my hands under my head for resting it while im still and just could hear the chirping of birds and sensing the fragrance of daffodils in a summer afternoon. Thanks for sharing your story.


Thank you so much, goodmove. My gardens are a labor of love for me and I am so pleased that my family and friends enjoy them too. We finally had a beautiful warm day here today, one of the first of the spring season and for the first time this year I was able to get outside and work in the gardens. It sure felt great!

* yawn *

Go for it, Luda!

I love your story, its beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Now i want to have a Secret Garden .

Thanks for coming, Lauren. It is my piece of heaven and I count my blessing for it every day.

I used to have pics up, Destry. I'll post them again. Thanks for coming!<br />
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Well, Ladee, at the last party here we had lasagna and prime rib, I believe. Remember the trip here on the hot air balloon with Tassie? But today I made Southern Fried Chicken!

Hi Tassie. The little pink fairy roses are still loaded with blooms, did you notice? And the Zephirine Drouhin's have a few new blossoms. Oh, they smell so sweet.<br />
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Hi Ladee! Time does fly and I've been realizing it today as two old stories have been revisited. The sisters story from Jan 2008 had comments today too. Yeah, Ladee...let's go feed Moonshadow and Dragon and then we'll eat. (((Ladee))

Pleasure datura <br />
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*sits in datura's beautiful garden smelling the roses*

Thank you, Tasmin.

I love reading this story .. it always gives me hope and courage

Oh, Wow. That is wonderful. I bet she likes it. You're great Dad!

There you are!

Your welcome, Ladee. Wish you could sit there with me.

Thank you, Nan. It has been a magical place for us.

Datura, what a wonderful gift you are to the world! I love your secret garden, and after reading your story I feel like I've just visited there myself. I love the childhood memories or your garden that you have given your children. They will last for their lifetimes, and maybe the next generation, too.

How lovely, Datura.<br />
And what does September bring to your secret garden?

A very positive story!

Thank you, Tasmin!

Lovely inspiring strory

Treefrogz, thank made me think about dreams I've been putting off, too! No better time than now!<br />
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Windy, i appreciate that. I have certainly drawn some beautiful people to myself here on ep!

Thanks, WOO. I know you understand about wanting to do things for the children .<br />
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Hollyburd, I'm so glad to hear that Simon is doing well! Thanks for the report!

As children we often have a dream "place" to go to, somewhere to hide and just be you. You have made yours a reality, your paradise to share with your children.<br />
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Great story.

Yes Alan, as the dreamer of the dream, we have drawn the beauty that is in our lives to our selves in some way. It is a very powerful realization.

I love this quote: "I am surrounded by beauty I have drawn to myself."<br />
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At times I've focused on something like this, where I see myself attracting beauty in my life. It's amazing how powerful that can be.<br />
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Thanks for sharing your secret.

Oh, I'm so glad it inspired you to create your own magical spot, my friend.

I've always loved this book. It was a favorite 'read-aloud' with my son when he was young and even now, I give it as birthday presents to many of my young children friends. Your garden sounds like a dream come true. What a great gift to give your children and any visitors to your world. Thank you for sharing it with us!

Thank you, my friend.You are right, it was built with love. I guess that's the biggest reason it is so special to me.

Your secret garden sounds beautiful and magical. Best of all, it was 'built' with love.