Mary's Fairy Garden

once I heard about a book that tells you how to make your fairy garden,,,which is there to attract the fairy people,,, I am getting this real cool fairy house it is made out of sticks,and the flour is lined with nice soft green mose,,,all natural matereal ,,,some of there favorite flowers are lavander,,,blue bells( they are hard to grow),roses, I can't remmber any more I will look that up and tell you more,,,I have a wonderful little waterfall that my husbend made me, everything has got to be as natural as possable because they do not like cemicals,,,will I will let you know how it goes if I get any fairys I will let all of you know,,,love mary

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I would love to walk hand in hand with you through your fairy garden and listen to your stories and the fairies'.

I love fairies & I would love to hear about your fairie house. I am very intersted...please keep me posted! <br />
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What a great husband you have! <br />
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Peace, love, & Happiness to you and yours on this holiday!

yes all I have is time , :)

Thanks so much Goldi,,,Love and Light Mary

Fairies never have a penny to spend ..<br />
<br />
theirs is earth and sky !<br />
tho we should live in a palace , maybe sleep in a ditch .<br />
you can never be as poor as the fairies , and never be as rich .. <br />
Sis Mary to a long Blessed friendship LOV LCW * Goldi *

so you have time to learn my friend,,,we all never stop learning,,,Love and Light Mary

I don't know as much as i like to, :)

Thanks for being here,,,Love and Light Mary

sounds really cool , :)

so you know alot about cherakee people,,,I know so little I use to know a song in cherakee,,,but I havent sung it in a while,,,I want to know more about their teachings,,,do you know about the 13 clan mothers,,,love and light mary

Hey's me! Did you know that the Cherokee have what is akin to fairies called "Little People"? Their build is just like adult humans, but they are only 2-3 foot tall. There is an entire community of them in a creek bed near here but they are very shy and do not show themselves often. I really want to share this with you as well as others. I was with a man who was ashamed of me and my beliefs and told me not to mention them again around his friends. Well, there was a kid that worked with him that was having problems with his wife. He had spent the night at the creek trying to decide what he was going to do and knocked on our door at 5 a.m. He started telling me about some strange things that had happened there, part of which were lights flashing and flitting around everywhere. I looked at me boyfriend and said "Get pissed if you want but this kid needs the truth" He left the room. I asked the kid if he also heard children laughing and playing" He slid off of the couch onto the floor and said "how did you know?" I then told him the story of the Little People; he went out to his car and brought me a flat, large rock he had been sitting had the perfect imprint of a little child's bare foot in it. These Little People are always around me and occasionally, if I turn my head quickly enough, I see them. They follow me in the woods and wait outside for me. Their favorite place is in my big window that is full of crystals. Call me crazy but if I am, so are the Cherokee who know the stories of their people.

I love fairies,,,I seen them,,,once in Pockatela Idaho,,,I had been at this rest area for two days and I had started my moon,,,with nothing to take care of it with,,,by the thrid day,,I was wanting out of there in a most despret manor,,,anyway ,,,she came and showed me that first she was bare footed and she had long wavy brown hair,,,and she was wareing a yellow dress,,,I got a ride right after she showed herself to me,,,I have seen them also in my sisters garden,,,she lives in the mountains,,,,I live on farm land,,,but we do have lots of moss here and fairies love to lay on the soft green moss,,,so I should have some staying with me this spring its almost here,,,the flowers are already blooming,,,,well I will keep all of you posted on that garden,,,love and light mary

Aww =D<br />
I love fairies and would lovee to see this garden!

you are so wonderfull thank you so much for your great words they mean alot to me,,,,mary

That's what dreams are made off. You are awesome Mary!! Believe in your dreams. I believe if you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand xoxo