My Secret Place

when i was young i lived in a house filled with yelling and such and i alwasy wanted to disapper and get away i did this by reading books and although they took me on many adventures and extrordianry places they werent mine. they werent my storys or my world but somone elses so i made my own. i sat down one day and closed my eyes i pictured my ultimae serene escape i sat for 2 hours that day dreaming up every detail. now when i need a get away i go back there. it seems im there alot and it is so wonderful to have a world you can call your own and feel safe in

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2 Responses Mar 4, 2009

Its nice when we can go off somewhere in our mind and forget our troubles for a while...thanks for sharing :)

That's nice that you could remove yourself from the painful reality by travellling off in your mind.