Why Is It a Secret ?!

I always thought why certain things in our life we fear to tell and soo we call them secrets ?

Just the thought of leting it out makes me feel like I'm falling with no 1 to hold me, that's why I rather to hold the weight then fall.

Worst thing to happen is telling someone about something to feel relived to some point and then  discover that you have been betrayled twice once for the "secret" it self and the other by the one u trusted.

That's why it's a secret and that's why it will never be revealed

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Thx :)

i have been on the other end. people used to walk all over me. im not saying i am mean but i tell people when they are making me angry or if they are bothering me. i dont yell or am nasty. if they are so sensitive that they are going to get mad or be offended then you have to let it go, its their problem. a real friend will respect you for being honest with them. trust me.

You are right in what u have said up there I try but after a while when they keep doing the same thing again and again at that point no use of talking.<br />
I will try to change and stand for what bothers me <br />
Thnx for the comments :)

but you shouldnt change the way you are because i have an opinion. there is nothing wrong with being a nice person

well if they are bothering you then why wouldnt you say something? do you enjoy being bothered? its not about complaining. telling someone how you are feeling is not complaining. its insecurity because you are too worried how they will feel if you tell them they are bothering you.

I'm with u on that secretes mean insecure, but it doesn't always mean that I'm hiding something, for an example, sometimes people bother me and I keep it to my self I don't complain I don't talk I feel unsecured to speak about what ever happened, I feel rather keep it to my self it's my nature I don't talk about stuff I see something with a friend I keep it to me.<br />
I hope u got me and thnx for the comment all of u guys :)

having a secret is just another way of saying you are insecure. if you,(you in the plural sense), have done something wrong and you dont tell someone, its because your are afraid of the consequences. avoiding telling someone you like them because you are insecure. i am brutally honest. i have nothing to hide. if you dont want the truth then dont come to me. if i **** up im the first one to speak up.

sometimes u dont tell something coz u cant trust everyone..sometimes u are afraid what will happen or what others might say..but if u find a friend,time to time u ll see what person is she/he and u ll see if u can show trust.

You're absolutely right :)

I think that if you feel safer within yourself to carry that secret then there is nothing wrong with that , you do what is right for you. If you really need to tell someone I find that animals and soft toys dont betray you :) , sorry probably not a time to be kinda funny. *hugs*