Let’s be honest we’ve all got secrets. I kept my sexuality a secret for years, I’ve got a secret crush on someone at my gym – pretty average as far as secrets go. But there are many among us who have secrets beyond the realms of our comprehension. Think of all the people you know? Chances are one or more has a secret so far removed from your perception of them that it is most likely to remain hidden – unless you pry, like I did!
X is a work colleague. We don’t get on; I find him autocratic, dictatorial, overly cautious and conservative, we frequently clash and I find his managerial style stifling. Last Friday I was pissed off and decided to stay behind and have a rifle through his computer to see if he’d been negating me in any way (we are a small open company.) I found nothing amongst his emails to suggest any slander – he’s too clever to mail anything incriminating, I should have known.

But, I’ll just check his internet history, he’s probably deleted it I thought, but you never know. No, there were a few sites he’d browsed that day, mostly work related – apart from one! You could have blown me down with a feather – it was a ‘Fetish clothing’ site! And the page it opened on was a retail section for adult nappies (diapers I believe you call them.) To be honest, he could have innocently stumbled across it? But I so want it to be true – the thought of X in a diaper cooing and gurgling away keeps creasing me up!
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Haha, funny.

Probably a bit extreme megaseth808

kill him