Twigs Of Wisdom

Sometimes in life, you don't know what to do.


Then take my advice: gather a couple of leeks, two handfuls of potatoes, some thyme, butter, shallots, pepper and salt, and make a soup.

You can add cream if you fancy it.

Then shout: BRAVO!

EarthlingWise EarthlingWise
6 Responses Mar 7, 2010

Well, it's all according to the mood and inspiration of the moment, right? <br />
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Thanks for dropping by.<br />

you're welcome the soup party! :o)

LOL! I will do that, thanks for the advice.

I Ching, yes, let's see it that way! <br />
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Tgilly, there must have been a leek-potato vibe yesterday; when you open your soup photo exhibition, let me know!

Hey, thats weird, i made some of that (almost the same) last night. I've started a food album so i took a picture. : )

Sort of a savory I Ching perhaps....yes I'll add just a bit of cream...yum!!!!