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My Secret Lover.

You are my secret one knows of you.
You have opened and set free my mind.
You make me feel wanted and special.
My body trembles whenever I think of you.
Your words make me melt like butter in a hot summer day.
I've never imagined or dreamed that I would find myself, caught in a web of lust and desire.
If this is a trap....then I never want to be free.
mikanippon mikanippon 22-25, F 4 Responses Oct 14, 2011

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A secret lover can lift your soul and draw you from the depths of doldrums!

I am happy to be trapped, regardless what other people think of me.
As he swim inside me, I am trembled and full of joy.

Having a secret lover can be so fulfilling. Enjoy!

I must echo the sentiment of whitespirit. This person, whoever they are, is very lucky. I hope they feel the same way about you.