I Can Create Beautiful Things With Love

My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was a little girl. I was a pretty unhappy and depressed child and her and I connected. She lived with us and I spent a lot of time in her room, just being with her. I preferred her company to that of children my own age.

I spent many afternoons amusing myself while she watched Mike Douglas and crocheted. One afternoon she taught me to do it as well. I took to it immediately. I wanted her to be proud of me, which she was. We were each other's favorite person, and now we had something we could share.

When I became an unhappy and depressed teen-ager I spent more time smoking pot and not so much time crocheting.  Okay, no time crocheting. 

But as I matured I rediscovered my talent. I could crochet in a special way. Here is what happened:

I walked into a bodega one day. It was smoky and gross but I needed directions. The woman behind the counter was sitting on a stool crocheting,  but the pattern she was creating was unlike anything I had ever seen. I was enthralled.  She said, "Want me to show you?". I have a knack for connecting with people in unusual and often profound circumstances. This was one of those instances, and I knew it.

This pattern isn't in books. And when I do it I inject a part of myself into whatever it is I am making--mostly blankets, with baby blankets being the specialty, because I have a soft spot for new babies.

Every stitch I do is love. I am supremely conscious of what I am doing, the colors I am choosing, the tension, the consistency. It's all part of the finished product.

The actual joy that I feel while creating is second only to the satisfaction I get when I give my creation away. This is how art can impact your life, and I am fortunate that I have a natural abilty, but also...I had a good teacher.  

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6 Responses Mar 9, 2009

I loved this story Nora! I can just picture you and your Grandma crocheting together and watching Mike Douglas. . . how nice to have an activity and a tangible item to remember her by!<br />
<br />
I feel that way about Gardening, because I was closest with my dad and I used to follow him around on Saturdays like a little puppy as he tended to his vegetable garden. Scents bring me back especially, like smelling tomatoes just off the vine on a hot summer day. This summer my daughters and I plan to do a garden together. We purchased the seeds last week- it will be fun to watch their reactions as they begin to sprout!

The best I can do is sew up holes in socks. But why bother when the other one is probably lost anyway.

this is a really nice story. not many people have that skill. I only know of 2 people in RL that crochet . how nice that you had such a deep connection with your Grandmother. love in every stitch - the last 2 paragraphs are truly profound.

that's beautiful :)

Yay! :) Hmmmmm... I like blue, green, yellow, red, orange :D

Beautiful post :] ((((hugs)))) I would LOVE to have one of your blankets :D