Doctors And Nurses

I was actually a good girl, always wanting to be good so that my parents, and everyone else in authority, were pleased with me. I liked the feeling of pleasing others, it made me feel good.
However, I did have one naughty secret that only a few knew about. I remember visiting my cousin Emily on a few occasions. She was a year older than me, and there was a group of her friends, boys as well as girls, and we played a kind of "you show me yours and I show you mine" sessions. I found it quite difficult to understand why I was so excited by showing my naughty bits as others looked at me. It made me feel very humiliated but also very excited and aroused by it all. I knew it was bad and I was being bad but this was the one wicked thing I had ever done. We played this in a tent at the bottom of the garden and as I was the youngest they made me show them first and I gave in and I had to take all my clothes off first and stay like that whilst others showed too.
The next time I saw her was a year later and the sessions turned onto playing ‘Doctors and Nurses’ with just my cousin and two boys, Terry and John. Again, because I was the youngest I was never allowed to be anything other than the patient. I was very aware that the excitement I felt was sexual. I would have to undress and display myself to be examined on Emily’s single bed. My **** were more prominent this time and I had thin hair around my slit. I was touched and probed by their fingers whilst they held me down and spread without any consideration to how humiliated I felt. They even used scarves and ties and things to tie me to the corners of the bed so they didn’t have to hold me all the time. The boys initially thought I was peeing myself but Emily told them that girls got wet when aroused like they got hard. This made me acutely embarrassed to have them know I being turned on by having to expose myself and having to accept their hands on me and their fingers in me. I remembered laying spread out and getting very wet when Emily got their ***** out and wanked them until they came. Even with them at other times, at the ice cream shop or just sitting in the park they would ask me if my slit was getting wet again and I would blush and feel myself get aroused. The excitement and humiliation just seemed to go together naturally.

After that I never visited Emily again as her mother left her dad and they moved away. I never forget those few times though, especially at night in bed when I secretly touched myself. I was a ‘good girl’ otherwise.
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Your story resonates with me too. I used to play with a girl across the road. Mostly board games and Lego. Occasionally during the long holiday one or other would suggest doctors and nurses, usually when parents were out of the house so we would not be disturbed. We each took it in turns with serious role play. After she came into my doctors room I would ask her to take off her dress but left her in her knickers for quite a while as I liked the look of them a lot. They would then come off and I would give her a thorough examination all over. I am not sure if she liked it or not, such was the seriousness of the role play, but I assume that because we did it a few times she was ok with it. I enjoyed being examined as much as doing the examining. I would have a tingling sensation all over with the pleasure of it. We both knew it was naughty but lacked the maturity to explain why. It was great fun and it would be great to be able to capture that feeling again.

That's a great story I am a medical fetish doctor you can message me if you wish to discuss treatment

When I was about 6 me and a local girl, about 8ish, would play doctors and nurses. We'd inspect each others bits and would always be shocked when I got hard, we really didn't get it! The part I vividly remember is she always wore plain white panties, seeing plain white panties on a woman now always gives me a little stir of excitment.

White panties have that effect on me too; I`m sure it goes back to childhood games with neighbours girls.

A similar thing happened to me a girl that I was friends with had me as her patient she would examine my ***** up close and finger me once she lay naked on top of me grinding our ****** together I was a bit young to understand what she was doing at the time I was 7 and she was 13 but i get so turned on thinking about it now

Your story is soft and tender. Being submissive under those ordinary situations without being able to go away, without wanting to go away, letting them touch you like that and talk like that in public. Since humiliation is so exciting and warm. Being vulnerable is so sexy and attracting.<br />
The story is not sad but it made me almost cry. It's not easy to be exposed. You must be a very strong person.<br />
Love, H.

In my stories I tell of doctor games I played when I was young with a girl who lived on my street. We would take turns being doctor and patient, but I always preferred to be the patient.

It is amazing how you can be turned on by being exposed. I like it when I am being submisive as well.<br />
Great story thanks.