Crush On You

Honestly i never feel like this before , this kinda weird . i keep thinking about him all the time . I do have crush on somebody else before but this time i got seriously crush on him , VERY STRONG ! i always talk about him to my friends . HAHAH and when i'm online , the first thing i do is checking his profile , stalk him . and suddenly i'm crying when thinking bout him . He never know what i feel towards him .  I wish he could hear all the words that i'm afraid to say . I LOVE YOU so muchh . can't you see it T__T . ONLY IF HE KNOWS :( . I learned that we cannot make someone love us . All we can do is stalk and hope they panic and give in .
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4 Responses Jun 1, 2011

do you think you have an ocd ?

I had declined quite a few offers in my 30 years of life, b/c I sensed it won't last and I won't be able to be the man someone needed me to be. Turned out that I have ADHD, PTSD, and the huge problems I have to deal with for many years b/c of these conditions. Just found out not long ago. But it makes sense to me now that why I felt I couldn't reciprocrate the love, and why I was afraid of girls.<br />
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If he turns out to be someone isn't for you, don't be heartbroken! There are always factors out of our control.

I am sure if he ever knew he would think he was dreaming! All you need to worry about is if he is going to turn out to be the man you think you might be. I don't think you have a problem at all getting someone to like you.<br />
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Unless he is forbidden for some reasons.

I feel like that too!<br />
I've liked my friend since grade 1, and I'm now in grade 11. I told him back then, but I haven't told him now. He doesn't know and all I do is stalk him! It's too bad he has a girlfriend. :(<br />
I hope he panics and gives in then! You seem to love him very much!<br />
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Good luck. <3